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FD Baby Lounge v. 2.0

Posted in Blog on November 18, 2009 by aggiefrost

Femme Digitale will work on a renewed and upgraded version of Baby Lounge in 2010. This project will be featuring voices of mothers comforting their children, their sounds and spirirs forming an army – an Army of Mothers. This will be a mixed media exhibition for babies and toddlers. More info to come as the project develops.

Femme Digitale will do the Planka

Posted in Blog on October 26, 2009 by aggiefrost

FD will do some arty business in Tromsø this week. Friday 30th is a one-night-only exhibition at Kunstakademiet/Galleri Planka.

Film clip from Insomnia

Posted in Blog on October 26, 2009 by aggiefrost

Here is a small, non-authorized by FD, but nontheless, a film clip from Bladet Tromsø from Femme Digitales live show at Insomnia Festival in October 09.

I just want to be loved by you.
I just want to be loved.

Pictures from Insomnia

Posted in Blog on October 26, 2009 by aggiefrost

Femme Digitales first proper live performance was something for the ears and a little something for the eyes too. Great pictures can be found at “Grus” website.

Femme Digitale Live Show at Insomnia Festival

Posted in Blog on October 12, 2009 by aggiefrost

Preparing for the first FD live show at wonderful Insomnia Festival. The performance will start at 2130, Friday night the 23rd of October. Other artists playing at Håkon scene at Driv that evening is Wave Machines, Loccomotion and Deadboots.

All music is composed, produced and performed by Femme Digitale.

To make the performance a little bit special, FD has some good help from these fine people:
Light/animation/visuals: Reidar A. Richardsen
Scenography: Hege Pålsrud
Film-inputs: Øyvind Nygård, Magnus Ramsdalen, Mushroomsmoke
Live sound engineer: Eivind Stenholm


Who is Femme Digitale?

Posted in Blog on June 23, 2009 by aggiefrost

Femme Digitale is mellow, sometimes marshmellow. She likes music, art, rooms, theremines, people, films, dancing, babies, dogs and butterflies.

There is a feeble line between dreams and reality.

Femme Digitale Dialadiva02

Whater photos

Posted in Blog, Other, Photo with tags on November 24, 2008 by aggiefrost

Femme Digitale is taking part in this online art-project, Wheather Photos, an international photo project about weather, emotion and communicating through photography.

In this blog, sets of 2 individuals use photographs to communicate with each other, sharing their feelings about the weather and its influence on emotion and mood. Combining photos from partners around the world, this blog references both weather and emotion, across geography and time. Two artists, one in NY, the other in Berlin, conceived this project for Transcultural Exchange.

The Weather Photos blog did an on-site installation for Shanghai’s Zendai MoMA in November 2008.